Highly Sensitive Person – HSP

In my book The Shyness Guide, I warn readers against committing themselves unreservedly to a diagnosis they've received, or chosen for themselves. Because of forty years working as a personal injury claims adjuster, watching psychologists and psychiatrists aggressively disagree with each other, I've grown wary of psychological labels. But there is one diagnosis that I'm not sceptical … Continue reading Highly Sensitive Person – HSP

Rescuing Jude

Have you read Thomas Hardy's 1895 novel, Jude the Obscure? If you haven't, it's the story of Jude Fawley, a shy, intelligent, sensitive boy, then man, who is too shy, intelligent and sensitive to fit into a callous, indifferent and hypocritical world. Jude is working class, but he longs to become a Greek and Latin scholar … Continue reading Rescuing Jude