Shrinking Violets – The Secret History of Shyness by Joe Moran

Recently I finished reading Joe Moran's bestselling 2016 book, Shrinking Violets – The Secret Life of Shyness. You might think that I would be jealous of a shyness book that is commercially successful, when my book, The Shyness Guide, being an 'indie' book, is not allowed to compete in that arena. Well, that's not what … Continue reading Shrinking Violets – The Secret History of Shyness by Joe Moran

Me, Me, Me

When I look at forums on shyness websites, I'm struck by this - almost everyone seems to be focused on one thing - me, me, me. Most shy people, including introverts, HSPs, autistic people, etc, want to talk about the difference between them and the rest of humanity, and about their tribulations and suffering in … Continue reading Me, Me, Me

Highly Sensitive Person – HSP

In my book The Shyness Guide, I warn readers against committing themselves unreservedly to a diagnosis they've received, or chosen for themselves. Because of forty years working as a personal injury claims adjuster, watching psychologists and psychiatrists aggressively disagree with each other, I've grown wary of psychological labels. But there is one diagnosis that I'm not sceptical … Continue reading Highly Sensitive Person – HSP