rscn4338Sigmund Freud once said that if he could live his life again, he would devote it instead to research into paranormal phenomena. His one time professional associate, later professional enemy, Carl Jung, said near the end of his life that he thought the biggest scientific event of the 21st century would be the beginning of serious research by mainstream science into the paranormal.

Well, what happened? There has been limited research for about 150 years, but those who have done it have been ostracized, ridiculed, and rarely funded. Mainstream science has done a lot to suppress paranormal research, almost nothing to promote it.

During my decades of investigating motor vehicle and other accidents, I often wished that I had the time and money to turn my skills to the paranormal. Recently, realizing that it’s too late for that now, but not too late to learn more, I began to read everything I could find about paranormal phenomena. There is a lot more than you might think.

The evidence for telepathy is so overwhelming that I don’t understand why there is still a debate whether it exists. Try comparing notes with anyone you’re close too re the dreams you each have at night, and you’ll soon discover that telepathic, or ‘shared’ dreams are very common (‘shared’ is a misnomer, because they’re almost never identical) – too common, and too artful to be explained by ‘coincidence’, the tired explanation used so often by debunkers because they have no other explanation.

What is needed is a search for the medium, or the means, through which telepathy takes place. That’s an investigation for physicists. When they aren’t afraid to investigate something as exotic as string theory, with its supposed 10, 11 or 26 dimensions, or quantum gravity, or super-symmetry, none of which have any demonstrated evidence yet to support them, why are they so adverse to investigating telepathy?

Unfortunately, the answer is obvious. There is a taboo in science against anything deemed paranormal. If you’re a practicing scientist, you are not allowed to treat any paranormal subject seriously. Try it, and you’ll quickly find yourself attacked from all sides, and your funding for anything in danger.

That’s about as unscientific an attitude as you can find, but it was mainstream science’s attitude throughout the 20th century and it continues today.

Still, some have been brave enough, and/or lucky enough to have an independent income, to do investigations, which have produced results. Not just about telepathy either. The world we live in is bigger and more complicated than most people think it is. It is very much a ‘paranormal’ world.

In future posts I’m going to document what I’ve found, and hopefully show why it’s time for science – for all of us in fact – to start looking seriously at paranormal phenomena.

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