Rescuing Jude

Have you read Thomas Hardy's 1895 novel, Jude the Obscure? If you haven't, it's the story of Jude Fawley, a shy, intelligent, sensitive boy, then man, who is too shy, intelligent and sensitive to fit into a callous, indifferent and hypocritical world. Jude is working class, but he longs to become a Greek and Latin scholar … Continue reading Rescuing Jude

What is Anxiety?

In the Jan/Feb 20014 edition of Atlantic, an article by journalist Scott Stossel told about his life-long debilitating anxiety, and discussed the nature of anxiety. Look at this excerpt: Is pathological anxiety a medical illness, as Hippocrates and Aristotle and many modern psychopharmacologists would have it? Or is it a philosophical problem, as Plato and Spinoza … Continue reading What is Anxiety?